Producing Music

Whether it's a single or an LP, my approach to producing music generally consists of three steps: 


To ensure that time is utilized most efficiently, I almost always insist on working with my artists in a rehearsal setting before recording a single note. This is when we crystalize things like song structure and arrangement. It's also a good time to experiment with things like finding the best key for the strongest vocal performance as well as different feels and tempos. The goal of pre-production is to allow the composition at hand to reveal its true essence. 


Once the material for the project is well defined, we begin the recording process. The way I go about laying down basic tracks and any possible overdubs varies drastically based on the project, but the goal is always the same: capture the vibe of the song and the chemistry of the musicians playing it.


Once all tracks have been recorded, and any necessary edits have been completed, the magic of mixing begins. The goal of the mixing process is to give the project a sense of clarity and identity. Creating a balance between elements and a beautiful stereo image are also essential.

I also provide mixing services for projects that I do not produce.