Making Records in the Pacific Northwest


Avi Brown is a record producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Portland, Oregon. Avi has had the good fortune of making music with artists such as Stephen Marley, Bill Kreutzmann, Diantoni Parks, MoZella, Soulstice, Cascade Crescendo and many more.

From banjos to bangers, Avi's focus is always on what best serves the composition at hand. Whether it's providing a singer-songwriter with full band arrangements, adding strings, horns or other elements to an indie rock song, creating a bed of experimental sonic texture for a psychedelic dream pop lullaby, or simply capturing beautiful sounds and a strong performance, Avi's twenty-plus year career makes collaborating with him inspiring, exciting and fun.

Having studied, performed and produced Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, EDM, Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and more, Avi draws upon many different influences and inspirations in his production and composition approach. His flexibility and wide stylistic vocabulary often help the recording artists he works with hone their sound while refining the nuances that make their music truly unique. 

As a songwriter and recording artist himself, Avi is a firm believer in the power of pre-production and experimentation during a rehearsal setting to ensure that studio time is spent as productively as possible. Avi can also recommend or handle the hiring of session musicians for solo artists or bands in need of additional instrumentation.

Avi works out of his home studio where he provides remote audio editing and mixing services to clients all over the world. He also freelances in several of the studios in the Pacific Northwest. Avi recently accepted an invitation to join B-Side Studios, arguably the best sounding recording studio in Portland, as a Partner/Producer/Engineer/Composer.